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New Review for This is not a Spectacle

Thank you to Leila Tualla, author and poet for such a lovely review:

"I love poetry in that it draws you in almost immediately. It uses emotions to spin an entire world for you and either lifts you up with encouragement or transport you to new places, new sounds, sights and smells. The visual in this chapbook was stunning. I saw it, "the corpse body of children with their ballooned stomachs," from the poem, Mumbai and "We are drink, we are music; we are pretending, we are stumbling, we are lost -" from Teenagers at a Bus Stop. Each poem felt like a snapshot that may have derived from the poet's own experiences. Perhaps, she felt a pull to some of these places and used that emotional tug to pen anger or a passerby's quick interpretation of a culture. Very well done. My complaint that I shared with the poet was that I wish it was longer. I'm excited to see that it's part of a volume and can't wait to read where she takes me to next. Great job, Isabelle Kenyon for creating something that made me feel like I was there as the person whose lens you used and being simultaneously drawn into this world with horrified fascination and knowing that "this is not a spectacle" for me to witness."

***I received this book in exchange for an honest review. However, these thoughts and opinions are my own. I'm not required to write a positive review.***

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