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and Consultancy


Elisa Matvejeva


"The past months working with Isabelle Kenyon have been an absolute joy. She's given me and my book so much, I look forward to working with her in the future!" 


Michael Maul


"Thank you for the exemplary job you have done. You did everything we discussed with great ability and professionalism. Together we created a lot of awareness where previously there was none."


Beth Gordon

Poet and Author

"Isabelle was a delight to work with. She opened many doors for marketing my book that I would not have found on my own. Her efforts enhanced awareness of my work and directly led to me being invited to read at a  prestigious poetry event in my community."


Laura Sophie Helbig

Actress, Screenwriter, Voice Actress

"Her input helped me so much! She inspired me on how to approach my entire online presentation, which is still in the re-making since our chat. She gave me lots of input on how to post, when to post, how to organise my social media pages, what headers to use, how to market myself with everything I am."

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Isabelle says…

“Marketing and publicity are the key to successful sales. Introducing yourself as an author to readers and buyers in your target markets is as essential as writing the book itself. I can help authors who have published books through other publishers or who published via self-publishing routes. My goal is to help you reach new readers and help you achieve any goals you set yourself, when you sat down to write the book!

I prefer to start this process by listening to what you hope to achieve for your book. Every author is different and so I will work to your requirements. You may be comfortable promoting your own books and therefore seek support in this, but on the other hand you may be terrified of marketing your own work and require more promotional help from my side. I am open to both inside and outside the box approaches.”


Isabelle Kenyon has background in Arts Marketing and has worked on large PR and marketing campaigns. As well as running her own successful publishing company, she currently works with publishers internationally and runs the social media marketing campaigns for reputable independent publishers. In the past, Isabelle has led advertising and PR campaigns  authors, written press releases, designed social media campaigns and has organised Blog Tours for her clients.

Isabelle has a large and evolving list of international reviewers across literary journals, independent websites and blogs, and social media platforms and will tailor these contacts to your book and project aims.