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Three years and counting!

In February 2018, we launched charity anthology, Please Hear What I'm Not Saying, with 116 poets internationally, fundraising over £615 for Mind. This was the start of our socially-conscious press and I'm so proud of the writers we have nurtured since and the readers we have met.

As we move onto new and exciting projects, it is time for Please Hear What I'm Not Saying to be put on the backlist, meaning that we won't be selling the anthology from our website once stock is gone.

To celebrate our humble beginnings, we want the anthology, shortlisted for Best Anthology 2018 at the Saboteur Awards, to go out with a bang, at 50% off! Grab yourself a copy here. Maybe you can send it to a friend struggling in lockdown?

I'd like to thank the poets who crafted the anthology with me, and who all have a special place in my heart, at the very start of the Fly on the Wall Press journey!

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