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'The Naming of Moths' by Tracy Fells: Story Blurbs!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Blue and gold graphic. To the left, the cover for 'The Naming of Moths' by Tracy Fells. To the right, text reads 'Stories of magical realism, myths and legends re-imagined... 10.11.23'

The Naming of Moths by Tracy Fells - our November release - invites readers on a journey through a tapestry of narratives that span time, culture, and the depths of the human experience. Fells' dark and mesmerising debut grapples with themes of motherhood, memory, and the monstrous, set within of magical realism and mythical retellings.

We're excited to reveal these story blurbs to give you a glimpse into the magical stories within The Naming of Moths!

A hand holding a pen, writing a to-do list

Ten Good Reasons

Trapped in a suffocating marriage, Trish creates tightly-controlled lists filled with desires and aspirations. One such list includes an elaborate plan involving her husband…and duct-tape. Haunted by the memory of a lost daughter, she dreams of Australia, hoping to reclaim the life she once envisioned.

A car driving away from a wildfire, in an arid environment.


In a remote sheep station, a young boy longs for his mother's return. His grandmother, and an old station hand watch as a wildfire threatens their livelihood, and a firehawk circles above…

A pale moth, against a window, at night

The Naming of Moths

Refugee Sofia finds herself entangled in the last request of the dying Miss Bethan, for the vulnerable son she ‘summoned’. A haunting tale that touches on the treatment of the ‘displaced and unwanted’.

A black crib in a white nursery. A basket of books is in front of the crib,

Coping Mechanism

New mum Hannah finds herself consumed by envy and insecurity when an enigmatic au pair enters her home. As the au pair seemingly begins to change her accent and steal Hannah’s clothes, Hannah is left alone to cope with new motherhood, the guilt of a lost sister, and an ever-escalating sense of being replaced. Why does no one believe Hannah to be the real mother?

A whist statue of the Roman goddess Vesta, with trees in the background

Household Gods

With a homemade shrine honouring Roman household gods, Mo seeks protection for his unwell mother and a premature baby, who may not be his child and who may not survive the night. As past and present collide, with only Aisha - a stranger to him and a wife by necessity - by his side, Mo is left to navigate his religious beliefs, cultural expectations, and the weight of an unexpected bond.

A small brown cake, surrounded by cinnamon sticks and powder.

A Cinnamon Kiss

A desperate baker seeks to win the heart of his ‘true love’ using an enchanted recipe. But when the secret ingredient backfires, his fate takes an unexpected twist, and he must confront the consequences of meddling with forces beyond his control.

A gorilla walking through a rainforest

A Good Word

Scarred by lies and war, Gideon's life takes a turn when a hidden past threatens to shatter his newfound peace. As secrets emerge, he must confront the shadows of his actions and navigate a path of redemption, guided by an unexpected friendship.

A pile of archaeological tools, on top of dirt

Octavia’s Grave

In the depths of a Roman burial site, archaeologist Julia uncovers a double grave that holds ancient mysteries and a modern-day secret. As she delves deeper into the past, she must confront her own personal struggles and the dynamics of power and relationships in academia.

The Copper Canyon, an orange and arid canyon, with clear skies above

In The Copper Canyon

In the heart of Mexico City's Bosque de Chapultepec, the haunting echoes of a fateful race resurface for Gabriela, as her sister's memory intertwines with her present and threatens to shatter her engagement to Santos. As they run side by side, past and present collide, unravelling guilt and igniting a race against the shadows of memory.

A white feather floating above a hand

Ancient Wing

A mother is torn between her love for her daughter and her heritage, handling the choices and sacrifices she has made for both. She stands at the precipice, torn between soaring with her true nature and staying grounded for the sake of her child.

A yellow and white ice-cream van, on a flat, wet beach. A sparse amount of people play in the sand. The weather is overcast.


A young boy's bond with a mysterious creature becomes the key to unlocking his sister's voice and facing the darkness that lurks within their family. Navigating belief, trauma, and resilience, they form a connection that defies conventional understanding.

The hands of a couple, slicing their white wedding cake.

The Weight They Left Behind

In a secluded lighthouse clinic, a married couple embark on a transformative diet journey, but as their memories unravel alongside their cravings, they discover that Dr. Excelsior's revolutionary process may be more mysterious and unsettling than they ever imagined.

A dimly-lit pub, the furniture, walls and ceiling are all a dark brown wood. The walls are covered in old ads for different brands of alcohol.

Book Of The Dead

Haunted by his mother's murder by the ‘Playboy Killer’, Liam clings to a scrapbook of newspaper clippings for solace. When a co-worker discovers his obsession, it sets off a chain of events that challenge his traumatic past.

A ginger cat, laying on a white bed.


Alice's memories intertwine reality and imagination, grappling with the tangled threads of her past as she handles shocking family secrets and a web of hidden truths. As sessions with her counsellor, Leena, unearth dark revelations, Alice must confront the twisted narrative of her own identity.

A white hare sits in a snowy and sparse forest.

The Frost Hare

A hospital worker’s quiet routine of visits to a graveyard is disrupted by a misreading of signals, leading to a revelation that blurs the boundaries between life and the afterlife. With the arrival of a mysterious comatose patient, longing, love, and the delicate threads that bind the living and the lost are unveiled.

An overflowing mug of thick Spanish-style hot chocolate.

Gretel And The Chocolate Wolf

Gretel's world turns upside down when a mysterious soldier arrives, armed with forbidden treats and a sinister secret. As their forbidden encounters unfold, a dark transformation takes root, blurring the lines between desire and danger in a haunting tale of temptation.

A glass vase of pink roses, on top of a glass end-table.


Miscommunication unravels the strained anniversary dinner of Richard and Sarah, where a misplaced aphrodisiac triggers surreal consequences, leading to a transformation that fractures their already fragile relationship. As their relationship splinters, a tangled web of emotions emerges, testing the limits of desire and connection.

Hands shuffling a deck of black playing cards.

Jumping The Box

A retired magician's assistant discovers her husband's deadly trick has taken a dark twist, leading to an onstage shock. As the truth unfolds, she must confront her own role in the illusion and the consequences that follow.


The Naming of Moths features stories of magical realism, myths and legends re-imagined, where all the characters are undergoing transformation or facing a pivotal moment of change in their lives. People and animals interchange their shapes. Story landscapes flit from fairy-tale woods to urban homes. Here love, hope and kindness weave between the realities of man’s endless talent for cruelty.

Available to pre-order now!

Blue and gold graphic. To the left, the cover for 'The Naming of Moths' by Tracy Fells. To the right, text reads 'Pre-Order Now! 10.11.23'

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