Editing and Proofreading Services


Freelance editing services by the editor of Fly on the Wall Press, Isabelle Kenyon.


The overall experience:

"I would highly recommend Isabelle Kenyon. Whether a manuscript or a single poem needs polishing for submission, she is professional and prompt at a really affordable price" - Daniel Phelps

Structural collection editing:

"The two docs you sent back were great, just what I wanted in terms of overall feedback and detailed commentary.  Thank you for your insight as a fellow poet and your own experience of what editors are looking for. I now feel I am in a position to revise the pamphlet and continue on my indie publishing journey." - Richard Doyle


Editing Services:

If you are a writer in need of help or a proofreader (whether that be for a novel, non fiction book or poetry collection), my editing services are an affordable way to make your book professional and mistake free.

I offer structural and developmental editing for writers who are looking for a comprehensive editing process, as well as copy editing and proofreading for writers who are well-versed when it comes to editing their own work, but are just looking for that important outside eye.

"Isabelle is a fine writer and a joy to work with - we can highly recommend her !" - Cheltenham Poetry Festival

My Packages:

I offer both Proofreading and Editing Packages at competitive rates. The Proofreading Package covers any grammatical, formatting or spelling errors. The Editing Package includes proofreading and a personalised service whereby I annotate the proof with suggestions and advice.  I prefer to work with Microsoft Word or Google Documents, using the review panel to show 'Tracked Changes' on your manuscript and adding 'Comment Boxes' throughout with my feedback.

I will also be happy to provide quotes for editing individual poems or stories.

The below prices are a guide. For an exact quote for your fiction or poetry manuscript, please email isabellekenyon@hotmail.co.uk with a sample of your work, number of pages, number of stories or poems (if applicable) and word count. 


My quotes typically include the opportunity to return 1/5 of your manuscript back to me for any final feedback on edits you may have made, since my initial edit.


Full Editing Packages:

Looking at clarity of thought and expression, sentence structure, character development, story arc, imagery, grammar and spelling.

  • Editing Package for Poetry Chapbooks (Roughly 20 - 25 poems): Ranges from £60, depending on length

  • Editing Package for Poetry Collections (Roughly 40 - 60 poems ): Ranges from £140, depending on length (Roughly 60 - 90 poems ): £210

  • Editing Package for Novels, Short Stories and Flash Fiction: Calculated at £0.01 per word. 

 The above is a guide - exact quote will be given based on word count and a short sample of your manuscript.

Small projects up to 1000 words, will be charged at a fixed rate of £20.00.
Projects between 20,000 and 70,000 words will receive a discount of 15%.
Projects over 70,000 words will receive a discount of 25%.
A deposit will be required prior to work starting.

Just Proof Reading Services:

Looking at sentence structure, grammar and spelling.

  • Proof Reading for Poetry Chapbooks (40 pages or under): £60

  • Proof Reading for Full Poetry Collections (roughly 60 pages or under): £80

  • Proof Reading for Novels: Varies. Contact me for a quote.

 The above is a guide - exact quote will be given based on word count and a short sample of your manuscript.

Small projects up to 1000 words, will be charged at a fixed rate of £20.00.
Projects between 20,000 and 70,000 words will receive a discount of 15%.
Projects over 70,000 words will receive a discount of 25%.
A deposit will be required prior to work starting.

To arrange an Editing Service please email me at isabellekenyon@hotmail.co.uk. 

I look forward to reading your work!

Payment is via an Email Invoice for bank transfer or Paypal.


"Having sent multiple pieces to Isabelle I would highly recommend her work. Not only professional and prompt in communications, but the comments and alterations sent back on work are always carefully considered to incorporate your own voice and style. Many Thanks!"

Elle Knifton

Short Story Writer

"I didn't expect to get the edited version back so quickly. Thanks! You've made some wonderful observations and changes to make it sharper and more engaging, which I wouldn't have been able to achieve."

Peter Murphy

Short Story Writer

"I came to Isabelle with a bit of an unusual request to edit translated poems. She had millions of suggestions, took time to explain to me the differences, idioms and suggested better use of words. I'm extremely pleased to have worked with Isabelle. Thank you."

Iwona Jennson

Poet and Author

"After many years of writing, I think much of the enjoyment came from the feeling of no longer being in this effort by myself. It is so comforting to have someone sharing the wheel on steering these poems to port. "

Michael Maul,

Senior Fellow

"I have never used a poetry editor before, so I had no idea what would happen once I decided to send a collection to Isabelle. To me, her approach is detailed and encouraging. Many of the poems benefited from just one or two word changes or deletions. In some cases, she, with fresh eyes, saw room for development and re-writes. All in all, it has been time and money well spent, and I recommend Isabelle highly."

Joe Cushnan

Memoir Author and Poet

"Isabelle will preserve your original vision and improve the quality of your writing. She's affordable and has a quick turnaround time, which in the publishing industry is invaluable. I would highly recommend Isabelle if you need a prompt and professional editor."

Ashley Jean

Author of 'Love from the Barricade'

"Isabelle Kenyon figured out where I can best place the punctuation. Kenyon picked out where I was missing words or switching between tenses in the poems. She was also able to question the unnecessary words or confusing lines in my poems to help me make the poems stronger. She was able to take care of the little and big things I had missed."

Fida Islaih

Poet and Editor 

"Isabelle was a delight to work with. She opened many doors for marketing my book that I would not have found on my own. Her efforts enhanced awareness of my work and directly led to me being invited to read at a  prestigious poetry event in my community."

Beth Gordon

Poet and Author

"The past months working with Isabelle Kenyon have been an absolute joy. She's given me and my book so much, I look forward to working with her in the future!"

Elisa Matvejeva

Poet and Author

Isabelle Kenyon edited my chapbook, “not your Token,” and she was lovely to work with. She was timely with her responses and feedback. She offered advice on the ways that I could possibly take my chapbook to the next level that I was hesitant to try in the beginning due to my own self-doubt of not wanting to “step on people’s toes.” But the overall theme that I was attempting to convey about my identity as an immigrant, a writer, and poet, I needed a push to put a stake in that space for my own self and the story that I wanted to tell.


I was pleased and empowered when she finished the edits, and when I sent the final pieces to my beta readers, their feedback solidified that Kenyon knew exactly where it needed to go and what I needed to do to take it there.”

Leila Tualla

Poet and Author

When I first contacted Isabelle about editing my manuscript of poetry and flash fiction, her almost immediate reply had such clarity and uplifting enthusiasm that I knew my writing would be in good hands. It took longer for me to feel comfortable sending her the manuscript than it did for Isabelle to edit and return it. Isabelle edits with great clarity and lightness; she shows how technical details work and sometimes suggests possible experimentation in line breaks to make a poem come alive. Most of all, I appreciate her many insightful comments. They have given me insight on how to bring my writing to a deeper level.

Annie Bien

Flash Fiction writer and Poet