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Pigskin by David Hartley - February 26 - 30 pages

Something strange is happening to the animals on the farm.

A pig becomes bacon, chickens grow breadcrumbs, a cow turns to leather, a goat excretes cheese. As food becomes scarce and the looming ‘pot-bellies’ threaten to invade the safety of the sty, Pig knows he must get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon or face imminent death. Reminiscent of Animal Farm and darkly satirical, David Hartley interrogates the ethics of farming and the potential problems of genetic engineering, asking important questions about our relationship to the food – or animals – we eat.

“Pigskin is a knife-sharp, knowing fable about animal instincts and human ingenuity. David Hartley has a gift for creating stories that leave scars.”- Aliya Whiteley, author of  The Loosening Skin


We Are All Somebody: Anthology  - Feb 23rd, 84 colour pages

Poetry, speeches and Art by street children globally

In collaboration with and fundraising for Street Child United

In May 2018, Samantha Richards was chosen for the Street Child World Cup in Moscow, representing team England, but found she wasn't prepared for the emotional side of the tournament. Captivated by the stories of the street-connected children from all around the world, Samantha started to put together their poems and drawings into a book, bringing together the voices of young people from across the world. Samantha knew this would be a book filled with hope and truth. Here is that hope. Remember: We Are All Somebody.


'Samantha is an inspiration and the perfect example of how much someone can achieve when they are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential. This book, 'We Are All Somebody', is a powerful collection of stories and experiences that give a voice and identity to so many who have previously remained unheard. Readers will be motivated to pursue change by fighting for the rights of these young people.' - Olivia Rae - FORMER SCOTLAND INTERNATIONAL CRICKETER and SCU AMBASSADOR


Someone Is Missing Me by Tina Tamsho-Thomas -  March 26th76 pages


Tina Tamsho-Thomas is a published writer, poet, spoken word artist, playwright and human rights activist with an international reputation. 


“In this highly readable, sorely needed collection, Tina Tamsho-Thomas tackles subjects close to many people’s hearts. There are personal poems and political poems; poems designed to make you grin and others to evoke remembrance of horrors past. Some poems catapult us to the heart of Jamaica, or stir us in our front rooms: as we sip our tea, we are encouraged to expect ‘cake, not crumbs’. Others teach us how we can mend a broken heart. Some poems deal with emotional, complex questions, such as excluded, 

absent fathers and the continuing colonialist onslaught on Africa. ‘Someone Is Missing Me’ celebrates the enduring spiritual relationship between Tina and her excluded, Nigerian father. This collection is guaranteed to empower Black women who seek out her wisdom and is an exhortation to re-position ourselves, to assume our rightful stature.”

- Akulah Agbami, Artistic Director, Sheba Soul Ensemble


Aftereffects by Jiye Lee - March 19th, 36 pages


'Aftereffects’ is a moving and lyrical chapbook exploring the subtle reverberations of our lives. Jiye has an extraordinary ability to distil emotion into a few words, and refresh our perceptions of familiar images. Many of the poems experiment with form and manage to be playful and deadly serious at the same time. Alongside contemplations on family interactions and how we are shaped by relationships, Jiye considers more tangible aftereffects, such as those left by war and politics.


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