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Release day: February 23rd 2021

Poetry, Photography and Art by street children globally

In collaboration with Street Child United


In May 2018, Samantha Richards was chosen for the Street Child World Cup in Moscow, representing team England, but found she wasn't prepared for the emotional side of the tournament. Captivated by the stories of the street-connected children from all around the world, Samantha started to put together their poems and drawings into a book, bringing together the voices of young people from across the world. Samantha knew this would be a book filled with hope and truth.

Here is that hope. Remember: We Are All Somebody.


'Samantha is an inspiration and the perfect example of how much someone can achieve when they are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential. This book, 'We Are All Somebody', is a powerful collection of stories and experiences that give a voice and identity to so many who have previously remained unheard. Readers will be motivated to pursue change by fighting for the rights of these young people.'

- Olivia Rae - Former Scotland International Cricketer and SCU Ambassador


'This remarkable collection of poems shares an insight into these young people's lives, who, through no fault of their own, have faced an incomprehensible injustice. Their words express sorrow, pain and loss, yet their voice speaks through with hope, determination and strength. We must hear them. We must make a change.' 

- Yasir Arafat, Former Pakistan International Cricketer and SCU Ambassador


'"We Are All Somebody" is a truly inspiring insight into the lives of these young men and women, the injustices they endure and the hope they maintain. We must acknowledge their struggle, hear their voices and be part of the change'

-  Ella Masar, Former Professional Footballer and SCU Supporter


    We Are All Somebody: Street Child United Anthology