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2 books for the price of one!

Pigskin by David Hartley - February 26 - 30 pages

Something strange is happening to the animals on the farm. A pig becomes bacon, chickens grow breadcrumbs, a cow turns to leather, a goat excretes cheese. As food becomes scarce and the looming ‘pot-bellies’ threaten to invade the safety of the sty, Pig knows he must get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon or face imminent death.

Reminiscent of Animal Farm and darkly satirical.


FAUNA, 100 Pages

Released September 10th 2021

As seen in the Indiependent: "bizarre juxtapositions that throw our relationship with the creatures of the earth into a sharp focus." - Eloise Cowen


Fauna follows the lead of the bacon-skinned Pig with a menagerie of twisted tales about the lives and times of our fellow-feeling creatures. In Hartley’s dystopian short stories, animals and humanity go head-to-head. Only one party displays humanity… and it is not the humans. From guinea pigs navigating the underworld, birds seeking a token human for their kingdom, to a man haunted by a shapeshifting fox, this is a darkly humorous collection of rich language, blurring the lines between nature, nurture and cruelty.


Vegan Short Story Duo

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