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  • In Conversation with Small Press Publishers (Sabotage Reviews collaboration)

  • 72 pages. A series of personal, curated interviews with the best of the UK’s Small Presses. In Conversation with… opens a dialogue with fiction, non-fiction and poetry specialists, to provide a window into what really goes into the decision-making process behind creative writing submissions. From advice on taking your manuscript to publication, marketing for authors and publishers, and a look at contracts, the publishers who participated in this series wish to demystify the publishing process for budding and established authors alike. Whether you are new to writing or whether you are looking for a fresh take on the submissions process, In Conversation with… offers tailored advice from industry experts to strengthen your chances of finding the right home for your work.


"one of those rare and remarkable publications that writers always wish existed. Like all good creative writing, it weaves together its insights into a tight bundle, always with its reader firmly in mind. Its experienced editors provide detailed commentary on all aspects of the submission process and beyond and it showcases feature publications that exemplify the work of some of the most exciting and adventurous small press publishers operating in the UK today. "  -Dr. Jack McGowan, Head of Department of English, Media & Culture, University of Worcester



  • PowerPoint Eulogy by Mark Wilson 68 pages


“He painted two pigs with the numbers ‘one’ and ‘three’ on them and turned them loose in the office. One spent twenty minutes painfully choking on a dry eraser, before finally dying outside of the boardroom. The other remains unaccounted for, but the office smells like rot.”


Three corporate hours have been allotted to commemorate the life of enigma, Bill Motluck. Employee memories of his life are crudely recounted onto a dusty projector. No one has ever been quite sure of his purpose. No one is quite sure who wrote the PowerPoint...but it seems to be exposing them all, one by one.




Slide 6
Every few months another vertebrae collapsed
Depositing bone matter into the soiled fabric
Of an outdated chair
The permanent migration to the floor
Was unpleasant at first
But after some time, I realized I would rather lay than sit
So I cherished the destruction
And fantasized about the day in which
My head would disappear amongst my shapeless skin folds and
Become lubricant for the plastic wheels that would propel the
Next resident into a similar
State of indifference


“In his wildly imaginative chapbook, PowerPoint Eulogy, Chicago writer and visual artist Mark Wilson paints a picture of corporate culture—and humanity at large—that is both soul-crushingly bleak and hilariously demented. Divided into forty-four presentation “slides”, the story centers on the memories a group of unnamed employees have of their recently deceased co-worker, Bill Motluck—a man so bland he enjoyed small talk about skim milk, and so desperate to fit in he once rented a newborn for Bring Your Kid to Work Day. Should we give in to the impulse to laugh at poor Bill, or feel sympathy for his plight? As the stories and little revelations pile up, it becomes harder and harder to decide—and the tension this creates is what ultimately makes this one-of-a-kind collection so impossible to put down. I laughed, I winced, I loved it”Mark Rader, Author of ‘The Wanting Life’



    • Odd as F*ck by Anne Walsh Donnelly


    93 pages


    In this collection, the author loses, finds and redefines herself, in poems that are sometimes visceral and often humorous. She ultimately shows how meaningful life can become after a period of darkness and how transformative those experiences can be.


    Anne Walsh Donnelly's debut chapbook with FOTW Press 'The Woman With An Owl Tattoo' came 2nd at the International Poetry Book Awards 2020.


    ‘These are personal poems, where the reader shares with the poet a space as intimate as the conjugal bed. From the everyday idiom of housewives and farmers to the imagined voices of beasts and inanimate objects, Anne Walsh Donnelly captures the humour and pathos of real life with unique honesty.’ - Audrey Molloy, poet and author of Satyress


    • Muscle and Mouth by Louise Finnigan. 32 pages

    Praise for ‘Muscle and Mouth’
    “A beautifully written and compelling story”
    - Kerry Hudson
    “Muscle and Mouth made me feel the fracture of my own northern identity deep in my gut. It made me ache for home.”
    - Jessica Andrews, Winner of 2020 Portico Prize
    “A deceptively subtle yet nonetheless hard-hitting story about connection,belonging and desire. Louise Finnigan’s eye for detail is matched only by her ear for language. ”
    - Nicholas Royle, Writer, Editor and Judge of Manchester Fiction Prize
    “Finnigan’s story skilfully contrasts blunt linguistic analysis with lyrical and poetic language in a tightly woven narrative that builds to a climax that is equal parts inevitable and frustrating.”
    - Gaynor Jones, Northern Writer’s Award 2020 Winner



    The rain falls misty and soft as I walk down Shadow Brook Road, towards Stephen’s. I’ve got the tape-recorder and some paper in my bag, along with the six bottles of Hooch I crammed in before leaving the house.
    “Where you off, now?” Mum said, angling her head awkwardly from her place by the telly. I muttered something about college and let the door bang shut. No point trying to explain.


    • Modern Medicine by Lucy Hurst, 26 pages

    "There is a surreal frankness to Modern Medicine. It lays itself out on the table and forces you to become a spectator to the unbearable strangeness of medical intervention. With darkly intimate encounters between patient and doctor; tactile form; and a delicate interplay of vulnerability and power." -Abi Palmer, Professor of Creative Writing at York St. John University




    Cut Open and Bathe
    swelling on the skin is cut open, pus is drained, and patient made to
    take a hot bath.

    language cannot stop the pain but eases it / rips me open
    again / again / again / now the wound is self-inflicted / &
    now it has intent / buboes on skin / an instagr*m poet tells
    me pain is required / 

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