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Save 25% when you purchase these two non fiction titles together: In Conversation with Small Press Publishers (April 2021) and Small Press Publishing: The Dos and Don'ts (January 2020).




A series of personal, curated interviews with the best of the UK’s Small Presses. In Conversation with… opens a dialogue with fiction, non-fiction and poetry specialists, to provide a window into what really goes into the decision-making process behind creative writing submissions.


From advice on taking your manuscript to publication, marketing for authors and publishers, and a look at contracts, the publishers who participated in this series wish to demystify the publishing process for budding and established authors alike.


Whether you are new to writing or whether you are looking for a fresh take on the submissions process, In Conversation with… offers tailored advice from industry experts to strengthen your chances of finding the right home for your work.


"In Conversation With…Small Press Publishers edited by Isabelle Kenyon and Dr Charley Barnes is one of those rare and remarkable publications that writers always wish existed. Now, thanks to the dedicated work of Fly on the Wall Press and Sabotage Reviews, it delightfully does. This book contains a wealth of practical tips for submitting your writing, interspersed with personal interviews that ask the questions you always wanted to ask. There’s invaluable inside information for young writers, as well as an invigorating reminder of good and bad habits for more seasoned submitters.


Like all good creative writing, it weaves together its insights into a tight bundle, always with its reader firmly in mind. Its experienced editors provide detailed commentary on all aspects of the submission process and beyond and it showcases feature publications that exemplify the work of some of the most exciting and adventurous small press publishers operating in the UK today.


Fly on the Wall Press and Sabotage Reviews have created a resource that will no doubt be checked and double checked by writers of all shapes and sizes in that nerve inducing run up to submission. Readers will find compassionate and generous advice that seeks to cherish and to celebrate the writing community. If there’s two things you can do that will help you get your work out into the world, the first is to get writing, the second is to get yourself a copy of In Conversation With…Small Press Publishers!"  -Dr. Jack McGowan, Head of Department of English, Media & Culture, University of Worcester



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Small Press Publishing: The Dos and Don'ts 


Start with a good idea
Set up your own business
Fill a niche in the publishing industry and turn your hobby into a full-time career.
If you feel passionate that you can fill a niche in the publishing industry, but you haven’t managed to get your lucky break so far, this book is for you. If you have already started running your own online magazine, small press or are publishing your own work in book form professionally, this book is for you.

With interviews from Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd, HVTN Press, Louise Walters Books, Newfound Journal, Ghost City Press, Broken Sleep Books, Mason Jar Press, Queen of Swords, Neon Books and more.

Small Press Publishing Duo Deal

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