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70 pages

Released Jan 17th 2022


Issue Nine of the Fly on the Wall Press magazine series focuses on Power. Thirty international writers and artists approach this prickly topic with colour. From politics, to inner strength, to intimate battles for power within relationships, these pieces leave their mark. 


Artwork, poetry, flash fiction, short stories and a book review!




If I could not affect the course of my relationship with James, if James was now under the influence of a sinister talking-head on YouTube, then here indeed was the abject dissolution of the self. - Cue the Fish Palace by Selma Carvalho


After the first bite, then, He hands the peach over to a white-gloved valet, who rotates it, keeping stone always a safe distance from bite. These bites are more delicate than the first, like the sound of a Labrador snuffling at the testicles of another Labrador. The very best peach-rotators can work it so that the stone ends up completely bald. The very worst peach-rotators remain in exile. - Sovereign Fruit by Michael Conley


I wrapped my tongue around the accent hoping to abstract the coral and limestone, as though I were hollow. Telling stories of Mother to children she had never called inside for dinner. - Intruders by Desree


I’m a part time anarchist. I want to smash the system.

I once threw an egg at Boris Johnson, but I missed him.

In hindsight it was probably a bad idea to fry it,

but I don’t care for details, I just want to riot. - Part Time Anarchist by Joe Williams


Spent gun cartridges

bob to the surface

dislodged by the thaw,

swans scatter across the lake

like funeral confetti - Home Office Property by Rachel Burns


Rachel Burns, Kate Young, Jane Ayres, Eunice Ukamaka, Selma Carvalho, Bonnie Meekums
John Winder, Alex Reed, Michael Conley, Tim Kiely, Maggie Veness, Sarah-Jane Crowson, Marie Papier, Desree, Maria FitzGerald, Martins Deep, Joe Williams, Bill Lythgoe, Katrina Dybzynska, Nick Allen, Carter Lappin, Julie Stevens, Charlotte Jung, Jennifer Rowe, Eve Chancellor, Kevin Crowe, Thomas Lawrance, Christian Ward, Despy Boutris.

Magazine Issue 9: Power


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