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How do you describe an Alien? Some of the writers within this magazine have met one: in the office, in the fridge, in space; in the sea. Some have become one, by peering into the mirror and finding a stranger, from opening a letter sent from the Home Office, by wearing insults hurled from intolerance and fear. A fusion of short stories, flash fiction, reviews and poetry echoing into the unknown.


"With one

long exhale, my skin unzipped and out she slid, quiet and instinctive." - Unzipped. By Claire Walker


"Although they had told her – and shown her the images – that the creature had not only wrapped around her body but had penetrated it as well. Sally had read horrifying examples of the damage that parasites could do to their hosts but she’d never felt better." - Sally’s Little Friend. By Lee-Ann Coleman


"Like when mum went to the City Council

for housing and was told she should be

ashamed for asking. That there were better

people than her (and him) more deserving of

a proper home, a garden – a piece

of a bulldozered field

that is forever England." - On Being of Polish-German Origin in England in the 60s & 70s. By Louise Longson





  • Allie Kerper expects to receive her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow this winter. Her poetry has previously appeared in SNACK Magazine. @kerperplexed.
  • Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss is a writer and teacher. Of Anglo-Ghanaian heritage, his work seeks to explore and challenge liminal landscapes.
  • Anita Gracey is a poet from Belfast. She has been published in reputable journals such as Poetry Ireland Review and has been shortlisted for Chultúrlann Poetry 2020.
  • Benjamin Francis Cassidy lives in Longsight, with a degree, from Manchester Metropolitan University, in 2018. 
  • Catherine Davidson is a British Californian writer who lives in London. She is the author of Inheriting the Ocean (Slow Dancer 1998) and Behind the Lines (The Word Hoard 2012). 
  • Cheryl Byrne is a writer based in Manchester who primarily writes Short Stories.  She is the Head of Community for Orton Publishing.
  • Claire Walker’s most recent publications are Collision (Against the Grain Poetry Press, 2019) and Hierarchy of Needs: A Retelling (V. Press)  Claire is co-editor of Atrium poetry webzine.
  • Damon Moore manages an artist studios project in Frome, Somerset. His shorter form poetry has appeared in journals and magazines including RAUM and Fence.
  • Daniel Hinds won the Poetry Society’s Timothy Corsellis Young Critics Prize. His poetry has been published in The London Magazine. @DanielGHinds
  • Fokkina McDonnell is an established poet with two collections (Another life, Oversteps Books Ltd, 2016; Nothing serious, nothing dangerous, Indigo Dreams , 2019) and a pamphlet (A Stolen Hour, Grey Hen, 2020). She received a Northern Writers’ Award from New Writing North in 2020. @FokkinaM
  • Holly Magill has had poetry in numerous magazines and anthologies. She is co-editor at Atrium. Pamphlet, The Becoming of Lady Flambé, is available from Indigo Dreams.
  • Jean Gillespie: Primarily a visual artist, she recently started writing poetry. She has been working as a visual artist for 20 years,and is experimenting with sound and poetry.
  • John Winder is a landscape photographer working mainly in the medium of black and white. He began creative photography 40 years ago.
  • Julian Bishop is a former television journalist living in North London who is a member of Poets For The Planet. A former runner-up in the Ginkgo Prize for Eco Poetry. @julianbpoet
  • Kevin Bateman is a Surrealist poet from Galway currently based in his mind who has created at a variety of Events In Spiritual Places That People Have Forgotten To Visit.
  • K. James D’Agostino is an author and poet, and an editorial assistant for the Ninth Letter literary journal. They have a BA from the University of Houston.
  • Lee-Ann Coleman trained as a scientist and worked in scientific administration during the latter part of her career. She is now developing her creative side.
  • Louise Longson is an Oxfordshire-based writer, published by One Hand Clapping. A qualified psychotherapist @LouisePoetical
  • Louise Mather is a writer and poet from Northern England. You can find her on Twitter @lm2020uk and her work/upcoming work in Streetcake Magazine and Idle Ink.
  • Nasrin Parvaz became a civil rights activist when the Islamic regime took power in 1979. She was arrested in 1982, and spent eight years in prison. Her books are, One Woman’s Struggle in Iran, A Prison Memoir, and The Secret Letters from X to A, (Victorina Press 2018)
  • Palak Tewary, an Indian-born Londoner, is a management/finance professional, who along with being an ardent writer, is a travel buff & photography enthusiast. @palaktewary.
  • Rebecca Drake is a poet and PhD student in York. She is the first poet-in-residence at Hull’s Maritime Museum. 
  • R.G. Jodah lives in London and has recently appeared in: PORT (Dunlin Press), Dawntreader, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Poetry Kit.
  • Samuel Strathman is a poet, author, educator, and the founder/editor-in-chief of Floodlight Editions. “The Incubus” was published by Roaring Junior Press.
  • Tim Kiely is a criminal barrister and poet in London. Pamphlet, ‘Hymn to the Smoke’, is published by Indigo Dreams.
  • William Shaw is a writer from Sheffield, currently living in London. @Will_S_7

Magazine: 'Alien'

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