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We are launching 30 limited edition gift boxes!

Each box comes with a £9.99 book of your choice (see our genre suggestions below, though you can choose any book from our shop which is up to this price!), fairtrade 100g bar of chocolate (yum!), a tea bag to keep you warm and a gift message for us to pop onto the package, once gift wrapped.


These boxes will arrive sealed, but you do have the option of taking the gift wrapped parcel (including all of the items - pictures show what is inside the boxes) out if that's easier for you.


Book suggestions:


Short Stories: No One Has Any Intention of Building a Wall by Ruth Brandt

Fauna by Dr David Hartley

The Goddess of Macau by Graeme Hall

Snapshots of the Apocalypse by Katy Wimhurst

The House with Two Letter-Boxes by Janet H Swinney


Poetry: These Mothers of Gods by Rachel Bower

Odd as F*ck by Anne Walsh Donnelly

How To Make Curry Goat by Louise McStravick

History of Forgetfulness by Shahe Mankerian


Non-FictionIn Conversation With...Small Press Publishers

Small Press Publishing: The Dos and Don'ts

Self care box! Book, Chocolate and Tea

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