Released March 26th 2021


76 pages


Tina Tamsho-Thomas is a published writer, poet, spoken word artist, playwright and human rights activist with an international reputation. 


Sample Poem:


Takin’ the Position Purple – Thank you Alice Walker

I’m a hard line kinda Womanist,
in a soft line kinda way.
I can relate to some men,
if they listen to what I say.

I grew up around enough of them,
to form a frame of mind.
I’d like to say I like them,
but I’m not the likin’ kind.

I’ve known the sort who loved me,
with all that I possess,
what’s wrong with that you ask me,
do you really have to guess?

I too was their possession,
every inch they thought their own,
my heart, my brain, my very soul,
but I don’t sell, I loan!


“In this highly readable, sorely needed collection, Tina Tamsho-Thomas tackles subjects close to many people’s hearts. There are personal poems and political poems; poems designed to make you grin and others to evoke remembrance of horrors past. Some poems catapult us to the heart of Jamaica, or stir us in our front rooms: as we sip our tea, we are encouraged to expect ‘cake, not crumbs’. Others teach us how we can mend a broken heart. Some poems deal with emotional, complex questions, such as excluded, 

absent fathers and the continuing colonialist onslaught on Africa. ‘Someone Is Missing Me’ celebrates the enduring spiritual relationship between Tina and her excluded, Nigerian father. This collection is guaranteed to empower Black women who seek out her wisdom and is an exhortation to re-position ourselves, to assume our rightful stature.”


- Akulah Agbami, Artistic Director, Sheba Soul Ensemble



“Her directness and acute understanding of issues concerning us all, arrests the political agenda with style.”


- Chief Mama Eloise Edwards MBE, Cultural Ambassador


“Explores universal themes similar to Nobel Peace Prize winner Wole Soyinka.”


- Paul Okojie, Human Rights Lawyer


Tina Otito Tamsho -Thomas is a published writer, poet, spoken word artist, writer-in residence, playwright, Black Writing Development pioneer and Human Rights Advocate. Her unique, forthcoming memoir Haunted By The Truth explores Identity, Adolescence and Belonging. ‘Compelling storylines...the child’s voice is at its absolute best, innocent and comical. Race issues handled beautifully’, The Literary Consultancy. Her ‘Like Never Before’ entry was runner up in the Black Artists On The Move, Virtually Living, International Poetry competition 2020. Her work can be found in several anthologies including: Red: Contemporary Black British Poetry, Sexual Attraction Revealed and Brown Eyes.

EBOOK: Someone Is Missing Me