Published December 1st


A feminist retelling of the Medusa myth, set in a run-down, modern seaside town, Medusa Retold is filled with the magic and fury of the original tale. In this telling, loner Nuala is difficult and introverted, fascinated by creatures of the sea. Athena becomes her best friend and first crush, and together they form a duo which is ripped apart by circumstance, leaving Nuala unprotected, unable to save herself. A long-form poem of poignant motifs which recur throughout, the poem is a mythic puzzle, an epic for ordinary girls, and a love letter to the sea. 30 pages.


"Sarah Wallis is a very fine poet and storyteller. She deftly re-inhabits the Medusa myth, losing none of the magic and mystery and yet giving it a contemporary and affecting resonance. She salutes the ancient gods, particularly Athena but also deals with 21st century questions of identity and gender. A miniature epic full of wonderful writing."


  • James Nash, poet, recent collections, "Some Things Matter: 63 Sonnets "(2012); "A Bench for Billie Holiday" (2018), both from Valley Press.


“A wild and writhing reimagination of the Medusa myth for the modernage. Mesmerising. Compelling.”


  •  Tanya Shadrick, editor of Wild Woman Swimming.


“In this vivid retelling of the well-known Greek myth, Wallis captures Medusa’s spirit of fury borne of oppression and shapes it into acontemporary story of female rage. Medusa Retold is gripping, raw andessential reading for the modern-day feminist.”-


  • JL Corbett, editor Idle Ink

EBOOK: Medusa Retold by Sarah Wallis