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Join the fun in 2023 with a Fly on the Wall Press membership!

For just £15 a year (ending Dec 31st 2024), you will receive a free book of your choice, free tickets for all of our online events and 20% our titles all year. 


Books and author events to look forward to in 2023...


  • January 13th We Saw It All Happen by Julian Bishop (full ecopoetry collection)  

  • February 28th Imperfect Beginnings by Viv Fogel (full poetry collection - themes of adoption, identity and healing)

  • March 31st: Aryamati Pamphlet The Secrets of the Dictator’s wife by Katrina Dybzynska (Is she complicit, or a victim...?)

  • April 28th: The State of Us by Charlie Hill (Short Story Collection, Satrical, Samuel Beckett vibes!)

  • May 12th: The Ones Who Flew the Nest story collection - our 2023 anthology with 4 authors. Love, loss and identity, plus a woman who morphs into a goose...

  • June 1st : Sylvia Plath Watches Us Sleep But We Don’t Mind by Victoria Richards (Short stories written in the witching hours of motherhood)

  • July 14th The Truth has Arms and Legs by Alice Fowler (short story collection - deeply moving, interrogates what makes us human)

  • August 25th The Finery by Rachel Grosvenor (magical realism novel - with a grouchy old professor as our unlikley heroine against a dystopian government) 

  • September 29th The Sleepless by Liam Bell (thriller novel - cults within the UK, conspiracy theories lurking...)

  • October 27th The Unpicking by Donna Moore (historical novel set in Stirling Asylum - three women across three generations escape its claws)

  • November 10th The Naming of Moths by Tracy Fells (short stories of monsters, myths and moths)

  • December 1st New Gillion Street elliot harper (Fantasy, dystopian novel featuring an enigmatic talking  gnome and a monsterous government)

2023 FOTW Membership

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