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The Daily Mail reviews 'The Truth Has Arms and Legs' by Alice Fowler!

Fly on the Wall Press has just released short story collection "The Truth Has Arms and Legs," by Surrey author Alice Fowler, which was reviewed today in The Daily Mail:

‘Poignant and perfectly paced, these lovely stories lean towards happy outcomes, compassionate compromises, unexpectedly rewarding friendships and good deeds.

There’s hardships and heartache here too, but Fowler’s relatable characters are interested in making the best of difficult situations, ranging from early onset dementia and adoption, to the death of a beloved son – where a hawthorn, hazel, spindle and blackthorn hedge mark his passing in the war (Jack’s Hedge).

Poised on the brink of a change, Jenny remembers ‘a man she saw now and then, in whose company she had unfurled like a rose’ (Becoming Your Best You), parents tell their daughter a truth about her birth (Something You Need To Know), while clever, disadvantaged, ten-year-old Maggie runs pell-mell towards her future, like ‘the swift that skims the cornfields. Swooping and dipping’ in the Surrey Hills in the 1920s (The Race).'

-     Eithne Farry, The Daily Mail

(They called us 'Wall Press' but I suppose The Daily Mail covering short fiction is a novelty in itself, so typos are expected haha)

A Waterstones Leadenhall Market Book of the Year: "Short stories that cover the whole gamut of emotions, each one like a perfect dish."

"A wonderful, flawless and fantastic collection. The one book you MUST buy this year if you want to read a masterclass of affecting writing." - Linda Hill's Book Bag

"These are precious things: stories written with delicacy and heart. Chance meetings and significant moments are rendered precisely and to such moving effect, in this deeply skilful and wise collection.” - Wendy Erskine

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