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Planet in Peril Results!

The Planet in Peril competition was a pleasure to judge and myself, WWF and The Climate Coalition are all extremely heartened by the passion of those who entered.

In the end, after hard decisions, we narrowed it down to the below!


Rachael Ikins

Ceinwen Haydon

F E Clark

Tina Morris

Rachel Haddy

Genevieve Irons

Sue Proffit

Liam Bates

Nigel Kent

Emily Burton

Rupert Locke

Kathy Zwick

Chris Hopkins

Dr. Craig Santos Perez

Katrina Porteous

Phil Coleman

John Bennett

Jane Burn

Ama Bolton

K T Slattery

Helen Pletts

Jo Howell

Anne Casey

Dr Sam Illingworth

Annie Bien

Joanna Lilley

A C Clarke

Marjorie Moorhead

Peter Ualrig Kennedy

Sam Love

John Laue

Leslie Thomas

Jemma Borg

Lizzie Smith

Leslie Tate

Elizabeth McGeown

Barbara Hickson

Geoff Callard

Kim Lasky

Mark Haworth-Booth

Ricky Ray

Janet Lees

Sujana, Upadhyay

Elaine Beckett

Afra Kingdon

Myra Schneider

WINNER: Joanna Lilley for poem 'Specimen'

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Anne Casey for poem 'where once she danced'

Under 18 Poets:

Chanpreet Samra, 14

Niamh Hughes, 14

Freya Wilson, 10

Danielle Hutchinson, 15

Amélie Nixon, 16

Edan Osborne, 12

Imogen Cheney, 16

Emily Freeman, 15

Liliana Amjadi Klass, 8

Shaula Peinke, 16

Elizabeth Train-Brown, 18

Avya Gupta, 11

Nadia Ash, 16

Claire Gee, 17

Cody Odell, 17

Aviva Rynne Browne, 15

Ali O'Dwyer, 10

Ethan Antony, 12

Anya Trofimova, 14

Photography and Artwork:

We had some amazing artwork and photography submitted to the competition. We are delighted to announce below our commended artists and photographers, 4 of which are under 18!

Our winner is Ellen Daugherty, whose photograph combined the natural world with plastic, depicting a monkey playing with plastic bottles and attempting to eat them.

Ellen Daugherty

Simon Maddrell

Christie Burton

Sian Gibbs

Rachael Ikins

John Bennett

Jane Lovell

(Under 18)

Keisha Holmes

Elia Reading

Jenna Morton

Tyler Nolan

Currently, we are working on the cover for the book and the wheels have started turning fast on the project!

I'm pleased to say I will be working again with Karan Haveliwala, About Design UK, who designed our flagship anthology, 'Please Hear What I'm Not Saying' for UK charity Mind - you can find this book for purchase here.

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