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Introducing 2021 Author Mark Wilson and ‘Powerpoint Eulogy’.

‘Powerpoint Eulogy’ will open our Shorts Season in 2021, a series of individual, limited-edition, politically engaged short stories in pamphlet form. This first instalment of the series introduces us to a strong voice of political satire and surrealism, using the format of a Powerpoint presentation as a eulogy to a deceased college. Mark Wilson creatively comments on the implacable nature of modernity and the way in which the corporate working life bleeds into all aspects of existence.

What is most exciting about this work can be found within its form: a series of prose poems from which we piece together the simple life of a man and fall in love with his strange personality quirks.

On his work, Mark said he is “driven by the same crippling monotony experienced while watching a piss-soaked snow mound melt into oblivion in an abandoned parking lot”. And if that doesn’t intrigue you, we don’t know what will!

Mark Wilson is a Chicago based author and visual artist, often illustrating his own writing. Some examples of his work accompany this post! His writing focuses on the consumption of content and the monotony of the modern age. He is the creator of a popular absurdist culture blog and his art and prose have been featured in journals including Burning House Press and Burning Jade Press. He has also self-published a work of surrealist satire.

To express early interest in reviewing Mark’s short story, get in touch with Isabelle Kenyon at

'PowerPoint Eulogy' will be released in April 2021.

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