Grab a coffee because my December book recommendations are in!

Apparently I'm ranking at 147th in the Top UK Book Reviewers...I don't know who judges that so take that as you will (I think this is an achievement that I didn't know I was aiming for.)

As of the 7th of December I will be away in New Zealand, no doubt consuming books on the 24 hour plane journey faster than most people breathe. SO let me leave you with some books that I've already read and loved (would I recommend you anything I didn't? No. You can trust me.)

P.S. There seems to be a black and white book cover theme going on this one!

1. A.L.D. Chalom knows what she wants to say and understands the form that she wants to say it in. This series is a breathe of fresh air. (And all the 3 books together cost about £11 which is pretty great.)

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2. I am very happy that Julia Cirignano approached me for this review, she is an exciting new writer to read!

3. A book that I stumbled along happily by accident...

'XQ' is a pseudonym of Naveed Khan (perhaps this book was too personal for them to feel comfortable sharing under their name?

Stuck for Christmas Ideas?

Everyone loves a good book. Put this one under the Christmas Tree (click on the picture to follow the link!)


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