Books to light a fire in your heart this February!

More and more I opt for a night in with a book, a notebook and a pen. Inspiration as opposed to a hangover!

These books inspired me - I hope they inspire you too.

Tell Me Where It Hurts by J.R. Rogue

Everyone go read this book! Rogue's poetry is fragile and brave. She describes herself as playing Russian Roulette with her body, and the hints of things she has been through suggest pain has been a game of tug and pull her whole life. This book does not shy away from blame, social critique, feminism, opinion, or raw emotion. I really appreciate that this book has been written and I am in love with this beautifully orchestrated writing.

Wishing for Birds

by Elisabeth Hewer

To me this was a book about dreaming. Dreaming of being bigger, better, someone who makes a mark on the world. I love the way Elisabeth challenges the idea that life will always be 'unfair' and instead says it is people and their inability to be kind which is often to blame. I loved the idea that sensitivity and positivity can change the world and I really hope that one day people will favour 'feeling emotion too deeply' over gaining power by caring less.

Wayward Daughters

by Ashly Kim

Original and nostalgic Kim describes this book as 'a collection of poetry for anyone who has ever marveled at the ocean or eaten tacos from a food truck.'

There is something universal about this writing even though it is nothing like my own childhood. I loved sharing the memories and dreams of this family.

Forgive Me My Salt

by Brenna Twohy

Powerful!! Brenna really captivated me by the end of this book, with her feminist call out to the porn industry and it's idealisation of underage women, with its presentation of women without personalities, without a background, without anything but their mouths. It was the poem addressed to the man at the back of a spoken word event which I remember the most - Brenna highlights his boredom for her rape poem as part of the problem. Society has disengaged from our angry voices, even though circumstances have not moved on. Highly recommended this book!

Snippets from the book below:

Thanks for reading! Comment with your favourite books so far this year.

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