Ones for your Christmas List

Here in sunny New Zealand, (I'm doing Christmas all wrong, the tinsel on ice cream pop ups looks bizarre) I've been reading until the books equal my body weight. Let me recommend a few that you can get with your Christmas cash!

My scenic reading view example A to your right...

These recommendations will warm you up I promise.

Ones for poetry lovers:

Charcoal mist at cotton Fields by Eden Sleepwalker

Bianca is the author of 4 poetry books so this can be your sample if you want to read more of her work!

Love is a song she sang from a cage by Bianca Bowers

Hope and Healing by Kirstin McWhorter

Kirstin is a talented young writer who is currently working on a follow up to the below collection. Spoiler: she has sent me the second edition of this for exclusive preview reading and I can reveal it's even better than the first. This one is a Kindle version.

Ones for fiction lovers:

The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth

Fly Me by Daniel Riley

Only published in June this year!

It's 1972 in Sela del Mar, California - a hedonistic beach town.

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