Let's get personal

I've did a poll on Twitter a while ago, and something which you said you wanted to see more of on my blog, was personal blog posts. It's scary to be personal online and to share your thoughts with the platform which you have created.

A lot of the time I want to share my success only - I don't publicise the rejections I receive from literary magazines, because that would be counterproductive and a negative thing for me to dwell on! What I also rarely publicise is fear - if writing is about putting your soul and your emotions into your work, then that is a pretty terrifying thing.

A collection which I am working on the moment, is a poetry anthology all about growing up. It is my most personal work, which I intend to publish, to date.

I'm at the stage of my life where I have moved away from home, far away from family and the friends I have known for the past 3 years or much longer. It's a lonely place. A lot of the time I either throw myself into my writing and book marketing in my spare time, or I feel a bit lost, and wonder, 'is anyone actually interested in reading what I write?'

I'm not alone in thinking that - writers are notorious for self doubt, and nor do I feel like that continuously, but I think it's so important to have a writing community for that reason.

As we get older, we lose support systems and have to find new ones. It's not easy, and sometimes it is lonely, but I am very grateful for all the people around me who support me on a day to day basis.


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