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The Circle in the square By K C Pearson

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My review:

Pearson is beautifully cynical – which greatly appeals to me and the own cycnisym I find myself writing into my work! The poem ‘Values’ explores all of the wonderful things she has done and can do, and finishes the poem ‘ But what does it all matter? Compared to someone who is/Beautiful’ , nicely encapsulating the unspoken privilege that the beautiful are sometimes handed. A writer after my own heart, Pearson’s sentiment on determination and success is summed up in her poem, ‘Decisions’: ‘The only Things in life That you Cannot do; Are those that You did not Want badly Enough.’ This poem is a great one for me to highlight the strengths in Pearson’s work – her voice and message, but also a good example for me to dissect. I think some of the poems suffer from a lack of consideration when it comes to line breaks – I honestly think this is such a big part of style and sophistication as a writer. My favourite poems were ‘Society’, in which Pearson analyses our life’s cycle and from her perspective, how marriage is a pre defined role, ‘We only play; It’s all pretend’ and ‘Bread and Circuses’ which explores our vapid generation, conversation revolving around vapid celebrities. This is what I love to explore in my own work – and I enjoy poems which takes a stance on society in this way!

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