Early reviewers cast their votes on my new chapbook!

I am excited to share with you 3 early reviews of my chapbook, Digging Holes To Another Continent (available to pre order with Clare Songbirds Publishing House!)

Nicholas Trandahl

Author of Pulling Words and Think of Me (Winter Goose Publishing)

'I was fortunate enough to be an early reader/reviewer of this chapbook, and... wow.

Isabelle Kenyon isn’t a person trying to write poetry. Kenyon has a true poetic voice in a world that finds those voices lacking. She’s a serious poetic talent, real and honest. Like the other contemporary greats, she has found that beautiful way of giving voice to an observation, a moment, or a feeling.

Her new chapbook, Digging Holes to Another Continent, contains twenty poems, but it speaks volumes. Almost like a small story in verse, the poems in this chapbook chronicle the sights and experiences of a trip to New Zealand. The beaches and the sea feature heavily in these perfect small poems, and these pieces turn the reader into a traveler to far distant shores. For that, I am thankful to Isabelle Kenyon.'

Galya Varna

Author of Dreams You Thought Were Lost

'I was honoured to be invited as an early reader of Isabelle Kenyon’s new chapbook “Digging Holes To Another Continent”, receiving an advanced reading copy of the book from the author. What a strong poetic voice! I have been a fan of Ms Kenyon ever since “This Is not a Spectacle”, but her new work is so powerful and full of wonderful, unexpected imagery and snapshots of a reality she has created with her poems that I had to reread her chapbook a second time, just to prolong the pleasure of experiencing her verse.'

Eden Sleepwalker

Author of Charcoal Mist At Cotton Fields

I'm grateful being one of "Digging Holes To Another Continent" early readers and having the pleasure to read this book in advance. Isabelle Kenyon, traveling one more time, explores with all of her senses, observing as she always does, details only a true poet as her could notice, describing them with strong words, and capturing the reader in a single read.

Release date in May to be announced!

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