The Mind Poets have spoken...

...and they have a lot to say to you.

On mental health:

'Mental illness even now is still being brushed under the carpet. Doctors are misdiagnosing it, or just blanking it. This means you can go for years with out proper treatment, which then can lead on to other things such as substance abuse. This book is a small part of showing that it is happening and if you suffer from it don't suffer in silence.'

- Eddie J Carter

Why the Mind anthology is important:

[The book will] 'continue the conversation around mental health and reduce the stigma.'

- Anne Walsh Donnelly

'It’s full of brilliant poetry and proceeds go to a great cause.'

- Sallyanne Rock

' open conversations, increase empathy, comfort readers who realize they are not alone in their struggles. Also, supporting MIND gives legitimacy to the significance of mental health.'

- Carrie Danaher Hoyt

On why they love to write:

'My wild imagination compels me to put pen to page.'

- Anne Walsh Donnelly

'I started writing because it helped me through some tough times. Now I write because I can’t stop!'

- Sallyanne Rock

'I write because there are so many stories to be written and voices to be heard that would otherwise never see the light of day.'

- Gayla Varna

On why the anthology is unique:

'I am very much aware of the high cost of services to support people with mental health problems but of course this is just one of the reasons to buy the book – to support a very important cause. The other reason is that 116 poets from all over the world have donated their words for the ‘Please Hear What I’m Not Saying’ anthology and in this way have made it an exquisite and unique collection of poems.'

- Galya Varna

Our voices make a difference! Poetry can change the world around us, if we will only let it.

Buy the book here.

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