Book Review: Tear Stained Pages

I was privileged to be given an advanced reading copy of Katie Lewington's new poetry book, Tear Stained Pages.

I am a big fan of Katie's work and so I eagerly read right through this chapbook! Katie is the author of many poetry books - an impressive writing feat - and it feels as though with each book, she evolves her style and her craft for the better.

This is Katie's best work yet. It feels like it has been written in the midnight hours when the world is beginning and ending at the same time, changing and yet going nowhere. It has an aura of nostalgia, and magic about it and thematically, I think the collection is linked by atmosphere. At Katie's best here, she examines her own thoughts (it feels as though she questions her existenceand others' existence and the meaning of it all) and as personal fan of Katie's observational poetry of people, this collection has both for me and others to enjoy.

The book is out on the 8th of February, but for now, add it on Goodreads here

Connect with Katie:

Katie's new release is in great company because Please Hear What I'm Not Saying, my charity book for Mind, is also out on February 8th! Keep your eyes peeled - at 236 pages, it's deliciously big for you to sink your teeth into!


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