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I've got your next book covered.

I've been flying through some top quality books. Let me share with you the best so you don't have to ever read a bad book again...

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Just: A sign of the Times

Katie Lewington

This was published in 2015, so I have been going back in time with Katie's published books! It's a varied poetry book, from a window - view into stranger's lives to Katie's experiences and observations at 16 and 17. In general, you really can't go wrong with Katie's books.

Empty Hotel Rooms Meant For Us

by Christina Hart

Poetry is powerful when the writer chooses a subject so open and so significant to them personally, that it makes the reader believe in its power and feel the emotions too. In this collection Christina lays her heart on the line.

The Dogs I Have Kissed

by Trista Mateer

This one won the Goodreads Poetry Prize in 2015. I have read a few of Trista's books now, and her style and voice is unique throughout. This is a great book for you to start with if you are not familiar with her work.

The Lonely Heart Wanders

by Matt Bank

This book is inspired by Matt's wandering heart - all the things he loves and which he muses over, condensed into one book. Matt's writing style is accessible and tender.

This is not a Spectacle is out now!

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