A Stunning 5* Review for This is not a Spectacle: Extended Edition

Galya Varna is a blogger, poet and reviewer over at https://galyavarna.wordpress.com

Her review of my extended edition is below:

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In “This is not a Spectacle” Isabelle Kenyon offers the reader a vivid and elaborate dramatization of human suffering and pain, doubts and fears. I had the privilege to read the extended version of the chapbook where the author explores the human condition with curiosity and care, offering a fresh view on the individual’s connection with the world around. The chapbook is divided into six sections, each of it featuring a different topic. “This is not a Spectacle” is a kaleidoscope, reflecting the lyrical persona’s experience of the surrounding world – abroad and at home, with the beggars on the street and in the house of a family where domestic violence is the norm, in hospital rooms and inside care home. Ms Kenyon’s background in theatre manifests itself in the skillful impersonations – her poetry is dramatic and full of evocative scenes. Her poems use a multitude of voices – from a blind girl on the corner of the street to a stranger on the train. Her poems give faces to faceless people, people we usually ignore, indifferent and unaware of their suffering. The author explores alienation from yet another perspective - cyber world versus real world, where even love is not more than a “fleeting – passing” opportunity and preoccupation with technology is viewed as an excuse for not having face-to-face and meaningful communication. If I were asked to choose a favourite, it would have probably been the poem “Letter to my younger self” with the lyrical persona’s loving advice to a younger “self”. Discovered by chance in cyberspace, I find Isabelle Kenyon a fascinating poet. I cannot be indifferent to her poetry and am really looking forward to reading her next collection!


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