5 books in 5 hours

Happy Halloween! I had a very long car journey to Guildford - now I have somewhere to live (woohoo) and YOU have 5 new book recommendations:

I have had ample time to read and review many exciting authors, all with different perspectives on life and writing styles.

Bones in the Garden

by McKayla DeBonis

When I interviewed McKayla, she explained that one of her influences is Jennae Cecelia and I actually noticed this in her writing style, which seems to actively aim for the conversational and relatable. I think McKayla will continue to develop her form, which this book begins to experiment with, so I would be excited to read her new work! It's a beautifully illustrated and considered work.

My GoodReads review is below, hover over and scroll…

Bright Minds, Empty Souls

by Jennae Cecelia

I was excited to start reading Jennae’s work as I have heard many good things across social media. I feel as though I have started to know her as a person – a testimony to her writing that she leaves her heart on the page. Although I enjoyed this, I felt it lacked a sense of form, as elaborated on in my GoodReads review below – I note, however, that this is Jennae’s first published book and I would be interested to see how her other books differ.

I Am More Than a Daydream

by Jennae Cecelia

If I'm hard to please, then this grew on me...

Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal?

Jeanette Winterson

In my opinion, this is a modern classic.

The Accidental

Ali Smith

I left the best til last?

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